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Christmas Traditions That Make Our Christmas Season Extra Magical

November 30, 2022 by Mattea Reich Weddings 0 comments

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas season is upon us, and with that, Christmas traditions and time with family. At IYN, we can’t help but have a good time, so we asked some of our DJ’s what Christmas traditions they celebrate each year with their families!

If you are looking for a new Christmas tradition to incorporate into your family, look no further! These Christmas traditions are 10/10. And while you are celebrating Christmas traditions with your family, feel free to check out our Christmas playlist on Spotify linked below!

I look forward to our church Christmas Eve candlelight service each and every year. Such a cool time to just reset after all of the crazy from the month and get ready for Christmas day. It’s something my family and I make a priority every year since my kids were little. After that, we always have to open up a mystery gift from under our tree, which always turns out to be pajamas.

Also, this Christmas for me is gonna feel a little different since my kids are graduating, and it’s probably the last one with my kids living at home.

We always have a Christmas Eve scavenger hunt for our kids, nieces, and nephews. [My wife] Ana’s dad writes clues in the form of riddles that the kids have to find, that eventually leads to the Christmas Eve gift. It is something everyone looks forward to each year.

Every Christmas Eve, we go over to [my wife] Taylor’s Grandma’s house, have a Christmas dinner, and open presents! Then, Christmas morning is just us and the kids. This is probably my favorite because my kids get SO EXCITED about presents. Then, we have brunch with my parents and end the night with Christmas dinner with my in-laws! Lots of festivities, but it makes for a fun time with lots of love and family!

We all put our names into a hat and pick one. The person that you pick is the person that you buy one gift for. We open that gift on Christmas Eve after we all attend our church’s Christmas Eve services.

My favorite family Christmas tradition is bringing our mattress out into the living room on Christmas Eve Eve. The whole family watches Christmas movies until we pass out. The movies are a little bit different each time, but Elf is always a staple.

Our Christmas traditions are kind of unique in that I don’t think we do the same thing every year…But a couple threads that are always there include our three kiddos decorating the tree while Christmas tunes blast throughout the house. And none of them have mastered the art of “less is more.” And now we make the trip to Alabama to be with the rest of our family, which includes singing songs with my sister, watching Elf nine times, and having a movie date night with my wife while the kids stay in for a movie with the grandparents on Christmas evening.

What merry Christmas traditions! While you celebrate YOUR Christmas traditions this year, check out our Christmas Spotify playlist below! Our Christmas playlist is as LIT as Clark Griswold’s house in Christmas Vacation!

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