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Getting to Know Danny Bolin

December 28, 2020 by itsyouradmin Weddings 0 comments

Danny Bolin – husband, father of (soon to be) 4 & man with great taste in music! Danny comes from a musical family and we are lucky to have him and his talent on the team! Read on for our Q&A with Danny!

How did you get started in the DJ business?

I’ve had a love for all kinds of music from an early age – I come from a musical family and I began learning piano and guitar at the age of 12. In high school I was always the one who picked the music for my friend group and when my friends started to get married, they asked me to DJ their receptions and I was hooked! I bought some equipment, met William in 2014, and he took a chance bringing me on the team. I’ve DJ’d hundreds of weddings since and I just love the rush of playing the right song at the right time and getting guests out dancing! I also love performing as part of our IYN Live division!

What’s your favorite part about DJing weddings?

The reactions that the guests give when you play the perfect song.

Since we’re in the biz, what’s your favorite song to dance to?

Mr. Brightside by The Killers

What’s your favorite movie?

School of Rock

If you could pick one person to have dinner with (dead or alive) who would it be?

I lost my dad in 2017 and there are so many days that I wish I could talk to him and ask for his advice.

What’s one thing not a lot of people know about you?

I lived in a camper without water or electricity for 3 months during the summer of 2012 in Austin. It was a lot of fun!

Tell us a little about your wedding!

Caysi and I got married at “The Parish,” a music venue on 6th Street in Austin on May 25, 2013. We had a live band and they played the first part of a song while everyone walked in, then they continued to play while my older brother performed the ceremony. The entire ceremony lasted about 12 minutes and then we partied!

We had a Pedicab (a bicycle carriage) as our getaway vehicle. After we rounded the corner from our exit, there was a huge hill and our pedicab driver lost momentum and couldn’t get us up the hill! I had to get out and push…A memorable end to the night!

Our first dance song: “Something In The Way She Moves” by James Taylor

Let’s wrap it up with a quick round of this or that!

Taged in

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