Floral/Cake Pin Spot Lighting

Floral/Cake Pinspot Lighting

Pinspots are great for shining down onto tables to highlight the floral center pieces, cakes or other decor. These lights shine a very narrow beam of light to make floral centerpieces or cakes stand out in a dark room without flooding the room with light and blinding the guests sitting at the tables. You can pin spot every guest table in a room or just special items such as the wedding cakes, food stations, guest book tables, seating charts, buffets, and bars.

wireless pinspots from ceiling gridWe now use wireless pin-spot lighting for a really clean and neat appearance without all those ugly wires hanging from the ceiling!  The wireless lights have an extremely strong magnet that allows them to be attached just about anywhere with a metal surface.  In the photo to the left you can see them securely attached to the ceiling.