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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

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There are so many factors that determine pricing for an event since we offer so many add-ons that you can package with a DJ so be sure to contact us for a quote. Most of our clients tend to set aside between 5% and 10% of their overall budget for wedding entertainment because they understand the difference between a bargain DJ and a professional DJ/MC company like IYN. In general, our DJ pricing ranges from $2000 to $4000 with our average pricing around $2800. We also offer lower pricing for weddings that are on days other than Saturday.

Again, it’s always best to contact us for a quote since pricing varies depending on the month and night of the week you’re having your wedding, which DJs are available & what all we need to provide (ceremony sound system, lighting, photo booth, etc.).

We’re always upfront with our pricing before you meet us, so to see who’s available for your date and to get a quote simply contact us here.

The most important thing that makes us different is that we are not one of those “cheesy” DJs that most people think of when you mention a wedding DJ. We provide a level of professionalism and organization that is unmatched. Secondly, the amount of time we spend before your big day helping you create an amazing reception is much different than the DJs that usually just show up at your wedding and wait for you to tell them what to do.

We dedicate countless hours to making sure your reception goes as planned by actually planning face-to-face ahead of time. That’s the reason we’re called “It’s Your Night.” Also, our clients always tell us that we’re so easy to get a hold of compared to other DJs. They’ve told us that some companies didn’t even call them or email them back when they were looking to hire someone. Save yourself the stress in those days leading up to your wedding by avoiding a DJ company that doesn’t get back to you quickly and that doesn’t give you the attention that you deserve.

Our office is located in east Fort Worth in the Historic Handley Wedding District, which is 25 minutes from downtown Dallas and about 10 minutes from downtown Fort Worth. We do events all over the DFW metroplex and there’s no travel fee as long as it’s reasonably close to the area.

We even do destination weddings from time to time, so be sure to contact us if you’re wanting us to travel for your special day!

Simply put, we specialize in wedding receptions! Other companies specialize in all sorts of other events like birthday parties, school dances, you name it! We’ve chosen to concentrate on weddings by keeping up with the latest bridal trends and being extremely organized when helping plan your big day – just wait until you see our super detailed online planning portal and planning booklet! Our brides tell us it’s one of the most helpful tools when planning their wedding!

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it! We rarely book an event without meeting a couple in-person to let them interview us and see if we are a good fit for their wedding. If you’re planning your wedding from out of the Dallas/Fort Worth area, we can always chat over the phone or do a Facetime/Skype/Zoom call when it’s convenient for you. We’re also very flexible on when we can meet since we know some brides are either working full-time or in school. A lot of our meetings take place in the evenings, but we’re available during the day as well. We’ll work with you to make it happen!

If you want to get to know a little about our DJs before you meet them, click here.

We think it’s important for you to interview the actual DJ that will be at your wedding so when you contact us, we’ll see who is available and let you interview them in person to see if they would be a good fit for your wedding. The DJ who meets with you initially is also the DJ that does all the planning and coordinating with you and is the DJ who comes to perform at your reception. You’ll also be able to call, text, or email your DJ directly anytime if you need something!

We also have a full-time client services person, Haley, available to answer questions, suggest vendors, or just to chat about all things wedding! Click here to meet Haley!

Yes, we are not only your DJ but also the MC for your reception. As your MC, we keep your guests informed with any announcements that need to be made throughout the evening. There is no extra charge for this, it’s part of the package!

Yes, we have lots of ideas to make your reception a huge success! You simply tell us what type of mood you’d like to create and we can offer suggestions to help make it happen. Our reception planning and coordination is included in your package.

First, we give you a personalized, detailed reception planner, called your “client portal”, for you and your fiancé to work on together. Then, closer to the wedding, we sit down with you face-to-face and help you come up with the agenda for the entire reception. About a week before your wedding we send a copy of your reception agenda to all of your other vendors so everyone is on the same page. During your reception we coordinate the entire evening so you can simply relax and have a great time with your guests.

Looking for other great vendors to build the ultimate vendor dream team? We have a preferred vendor list that we would be happy to share with you – just ask!

We have a short, helpful tutorial on how to use our planning portal – watch it here! https://www.loom.com/share/2b052b2bce344b1a873bba757b0931e6

Yes! We are proud of the positive memories that we’ve made with past clients. Click here to read a few testimonials! We also have hundreds of reviews that are publicly available on Google, The Knot & WeddingWire as well!

We offer just about every type of music. Our collection ranges from the big band era to today’s current top 40 hits! Since we specialize in weddings, we will usually create a good mix of music for all ages and tastes. All of our songs are clean “radio-edits” so your guests won’t hear any explicit lyrics. We’re also one of the few DJs that offer an extensive collection of Contemporary Christian music.

When planning your event, you’ll use your client portal to choose which songs are a “must-play” and which ones to “don’t play”, but we’ll help you create a playlist that will keep everyone on their feet all night long!

Absolutely! We are more than happy to play any special “must-play” songs or requests. And we can also make sure that we avoid any “do-not-play” songs that you don’t like or are over-played. We have some clients that are really into music and like to be more involved in the playlist than others but we never require our clients to go onto our website and choose all of the music they want at their wedding.

As your DJ, it’s our job to take on that responsibility for you and to make the planning process easy. If you simply give us a few songs you really like we can pick out other ones to fit. Think of it as your own human Pandora/Spotify! During the dancing at your wedding it’s our job to observe what your guests enjoy and play the music that keeps them on the dance floor.

Yes, in fact, most companies offer contracts that protect only their company. Our contract protects you as well. It does not include any sneaky fine print or confusing legal wording…just peace of mind! It includes all of your reception information and the fees you’ll expect to pay.

We just require a 50% retainer fee to reserve your date. That payment is to be sent in with your signed contract to secure your booking, but the balance doesn’t need to be paid in full until 10 days before your event. We accept cash, checks & major credit cards.

You can make payments toward your balance via e-check here:

Yes, we have liability insurance and most venues will require that your DJ has at least a $1 million liability policy. Liability insurance protects the venue in case of unforeseen equipment falling and causing harm, as well as provides medical compensation to the person in need. This would probably never happen, but it’s very important to be sure your DJ has a policy before booking them. If a client doesn’t find out until the wedding day that the venue requires it and they’ve hired a DJ without insurance, it could mean the DJ won’t be able to set up and perform for the wedding.

Yes we do! We have a few packages that can be added onto your DJ booking including extra lighting & a photo booth to save hundreds of dollars on those awesome services!


We don’t do discounts on our DJ services but we do offer some cool things for Active Military, Veterans & First Responders to enhance their event – don’t hesitate to ask! We thank you and/or your fiancé for their service.

We always dress up for weddings and wear a suit and tie so you’ll never be embarrassed about what the DJ is wearing. Some companies sport their company polo shirts and jeans but not with IYN! Since we’re often the first person your guests will see when they arrive, it’s important for us to look professional and make a great first impression!

This all depends on how much set-up time is needed and also when your venue allows us to come in and set up. We usually arrive at least 2 hours before your reception to make sure everything is completely set up and tested by the time your first guest arrives. For larger weddings, we may need additional set-up time. As always, we do not charge you extra for any amount of set-up time.

We use the latest in professional sound equipment. No home stereo gear or consumer-grade equipment is used at your reception. Denon, Shure, Crown, Bose, and JBL are just a few of the name brands we use. We also use professional wireless microphones for all announcements.

All of our sound equipment sets on top of any standard banquet table and is hidden behind an elegant looking facade. All wires are kept out of sight for a very clean and organized appearance. After all, you spend lots of money on making everything look nice so why should the DJ’s set-up be any different!?

No way! We don’t come to your wedding to advertise our business over the microphone or by displaying any signage. Remember, this is your night so we will not post any banners or posters with our company name displayed on them. If your guests are curious who we are, they’ll come up and ask.

If you’ve read through these Q&A’s and you like what you’ve read, then click here to contact us and find out if we’re available on your date! If so, we would love to meet with you, your fiancé & anyone else helping you plan your wedding so that you can interview us and see if we’re the right fit for your reception. We’d love to celebrate with you!