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20 Questions with Joey

June 13, 2023 by itsyouradmin Weddings 0 comments

Our DJ, Joey Vanderveer, does it all! Not only does he have an incredible voice as one of our live musicians, but he also has a heart of gold that comes out in his passionate work as a DJ to make your night shine. Get to know him in our 20 Questions with Joey!

Photo by Randi Michelle Weddings

  1. What is your last played song on Spotify (no cheating!) “Extraordinary Magic” – Ben Rector
  2. What’s the one snack we’d always find in your kitchen? Bananas 
  3. What does a perfect weekend look like for you? A slow, quiet Saturday morning. Some fun with the fam. Church on Sunday. 
  4. What Netflix show are you absolutely obsessed with right now? McGregor Forever
  5. Where was your most memorable vacation? Charleston, South Carolina
  6. A book about your life would be called: Don’t Call Me Joey
  7. What’s your hidden talent? Armpit noises with my chest
  8. Describe your personality in a single word. Complicated
  9. If you could hop on a plane right this second, where would you go? New Zealand
  10. Name three people who you would invite to your dream dinner party (historic figures welcome). Teddy Roosevelt, Mr. Rogers, Chris Pratt
  11. What’s the best present you’ve ever received? A box of Cap’n Crunch
  12. Name your go-to karaoke song: “Tomorrow” – Silverchair
  13. Without a doubt, the best ice-cream flavor is: Bluebell “Cookies, Cookies, Cookies” (discontinued…RIP)
  14. If you could hop on a time machine, what period/place would you go to? America in the 50’s 
  15. Can you describe our company culture in just one word? Authentic
  16. What are two things that you love about working at this company? I love getting to be myself and being part of a family.
  17. If you, as a wedding DJ, had a theme song, what would it be? “Coincidance” – Handsome Dancer
  18. What is one of your favorite moments at weddings? The Father-Daughter dance is priceless! 
  19. Can you share your top two hobbies / activities outside of work? Eating and watching movies
  20. What is your favorite thing about being a wedding DJ? It’s an absolute honor to meet a new couple at the pinnacle of their lives together and have the privilege of being a part of that momentous celebration with their families.

We hope you learned more about our incredibly talented live musician and wedding DJ, Joey Vanderveer! You may even have some things in common with him! If you would like to book one of our IYN DJ’s for your wedding, reach out here.

Taged in Joey

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