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4 Things Your DJ Wants You To Know

December 30, 2021 by itsyouradmin Weddings 0 comments

Almost every client tells us, “We just want our wedding to be a big party!” If that’s you, one of the vendors you’ll want to book quickly is your wedding entertainment, whether that be a DJ, live musician, or both! How do you know what you need from your DJ, and how do you make sure your wedding is organized but still “a big party?”

We sat down with one of our DJs and live performers, Jeremiah Brinkley, to ask how an entertainment specialist can ensure the success of an event through four key points!

1. We determine the flow so the flow doesn’t determine you.

With every DJ package you book with It’s Your Night, you will always get emcee services. When an event doesn’t have a host or an individual professionally responsible for keeping the evening on track, chaos can quickly ensue. Even if you have a wedding planner, they are often wrangling the vendors and filling in the holes to keep your event tailored and seamless.

Arguably one of the most important things to do for your guests is to keep them informed. Communicating the transition times, making announcements, and keeping the pace allows your family and friends to enjoy their evening with structure, but not rigidity. Our DJs understand that the night should be firm but flexible to allow for unknowns, without making it obvious.

You want your event to be remembered for its smooth-sailing, not its choppiness! A natural flow to your event with ample communication is the recipe for a successful event!

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2. Restrict the space and keep it short.

When it comes to your music and dance floor, you have to consider what and who you’re working with. If your venue’s dance floor is really large but you only have 80 people attending your event, that dance floor is going to feel really empty in comparison to the same number of people on a smaller dance floor. This is an easy fix! Ask your venue and/or your planner how to condense the dancing space to allow for a more intimate and fun experience for your guests.

As for your reception and dance music, your DJ should always stick to 30-50 seconds of a song, unless requested otherwise. People – today, more than ever – have very short attention spans. Do you remember driving around with your friends in high school or college, shuffling from song to song? Keep the party going by shortening the run times of each song at your reception.

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3. Combining live music with your DJ package takes your event from an 8 to a 10.

If your budget allows, always choose a combination of live music and DJ services. Live music can completely change the feel of the night and allows for more personalization and “reading the room.” For example, Jeremiah likes to play hip-hop or R&B songs as piano ballads during dinner or cocktails because it makes people smile at the twist, and it sets the guests up to expect a party on the dance floor!

At the end of your wedding, a live set for your private dance once your guests have left the reception area is intimate and incredibly memorable. Photographers love capturing those last moments and planners love having the time to gather your guests for the photo-worthy exit you’ve planned!

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4. Your vendor team can make or break your event.

When you’re booking each vendor, always ask the vendors you’re considering to share their preferred vendor list. If you see a pattern of the same vendors on these lists, you’ll know that they work well together and have established that trust to do an excellent job. The friendly environment and camaraderie of an established vendor team will be a huge asset throughout your entire wedding planning experience!

The party of your dreams is absolutely possible when you remember these four key components when booking your wedding entertainment! If you have questions about availability or pricing, please fill out our contact form here!

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