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9 Songs To Make Your Wedding Reception Entrance Unforgettable

July 20, 2022 by Mattea Reich Weddings 0 comments

Trying to decide which intro song you should choose to make your grand entrance to your wedding reception? We know you want this moment to be memorable, so we compiled a list of our favorite intro songs to help you get your wedding day celebration started! Here are some of our top grand entrance songs that will create all the hype.

September by Earth, Wind & Fire

This song has had people grooving on the dance floor for decades and still remains timeless. The cheerful and happy beat has a very celebratory ring to it! Not to mention, the parents and grandparents at your wedding will instantly be taken back to fun memories from their glory days and love this music choice, too!

OMG by Usher

If you remember the 2010’s very well, you probably recall this song being an absolute hit. The best thing about this song choice for your intro song is that it complements any dance move you, your partner, or your bridal party chooses. The Sprinkler? The Wobble? The Lawnmower? They all go great with this song!

Forever by Chris Brown

This song has been around since 2009 and is still iconic – and for good reason! As soon as Chris Brown’s lyrics, “1, 2, 3, 4!” sound off, you know it is about to go down. Plus, if you are a fan of The Office series, you will recognize this song made a debut at Jim and Pam’s wedding.

Congratulations by Post Malone

In recent years, this song has frequently been played for big events in people’s lives that they feel deserve a “congratulations,” and a wedding day is just that! The lyrics “we made it” will remind you of all the love and dedication you and your partner have shared that have brought you to your blissful day, and the beat is still hype!

Industry Baby by Lil Nas X

If you have scrolled through Tik Tok, attended a sporting event, or even gone out dancing with friends in the last year, you have probably heard this song at one point or another. This catchy song has often been used as an anthem for teams, friend groups, or even individuals when they are accomplishing, or about to accomplish, something super cool!

Can’t Stop The Feeling! by Justin Timberlake

Everything about this song makes us want to dance! This song makes even the shyest members in your bridal party feel comfortable dancing. They can clap to the beat and step side-to-side, or go all out, whatever their dance style is! This song makes it hard to not smile and be in a good mood, so let loose and “just dance, dance, dance” to this intro song with your favorite people!

Let’s Get Married by Jagged Edge ft. Reverend Run

If you’re the type to drop it low on the dance floor and boldly bust a move anywhere, this intro song is for you! This song is full of soul, passion, and all things steamy, and it’s the perfect choice for couples and bridal parties who have no problem expressing themselves on the dance floor!

Love On Top by Beyoncé

It’s as if Beyoncé was envisioning getting married when she recorded this hit song! This enthusiastic song will have everyone at the wedding beaming with joy as you make your entrance, and the song to its core is just sweet as can be. This song is sure to make a memorable impact and have you and your guests in their feels for days!

Bring Em Out by T.I.

As soon as this song sounds off, your guests will be cheering “bring em out,” too! It’s next to impossible to not feel cool while making an entrance to this song, and this song very effortlessly signals to everyone that a true party is about to get started. This song makes everyone who makes an entrance to it shine bright in their own spotlight!

So which intro song are you choosing for your grand entrance? Whatever intro song you choose, our DJ’s at It’s Your Night Entertainment ensure the whole process goes smoothly, so you can glow as you walk onto the dance floor. Make it a night to remember, and never forget – It’s YOUR night!

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