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IYN Spotlight – Clover Event Design

September 12, 2023 by itsyouradmin Weddings 0 comments

Planning a wedding can be both exhilarating and overwhelming. The anticipation, the details, the infinite possibilities – it’s a journey that deserves to be as beautiful as the love story that led you here. That’s where Clover Event Design comes in. Clover Event Design specializes in transforming your wedding day dreams into a stunning reality and will ensure your wedding day is a reflection of your unique love story! We admire Clover Event Design so much – we asked them a few questions to get to know more about them and their heart behind Clover Event Design. Check it out!

Can you give us a quick bio of who you are and what makes Clover Event Design such a unique wedding vendor?

We are a wedding and event planning company that values the relationships with our clients, and our approach to planning reflects that sentiment. We seriously love what we do and have so much fun connecting with our clients and getting to celebrate them on their wedding day! We specialize in creating wedding designs that are detailed and personalized to illustrate who our clients are as a couple and as individuals coming together in marriage. We pride ourselves on being incredibly prepared and trustworthy, and our ultimate goal is to provide the smoothest and most enjoyable wedding planning experience possible.

Photo by Randi Michelle Photos + Cinema

How and when did you get started in this business?

While I was a full-time elementary school teacher back in 2017, I had the privilege of working as a part-time assistant for another wedding planning company. Immediately, I was hooked and knew I loved this industry! I launched Clover Event Design in November 2019 and haven’t looked back since. It’s been such a wild ride, and we truly love what we do every day.

What is your favorite feature/fun fact about Clover Event Design?

Claire and I are both former teachers who jumped into the wedding industry head first! We also have day-of assistants who are teachers, as well. Turns out, preparing hundreds of lesson plans, and wrangling classrooms of students carries a lot of similar skills to planning for, and executing, weddings. Haha! We’re big teacher fans over here.

Photo by Taylor Wedding – Weddings By Wedding

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

The best, best, best part of our job is creating designs for our clients that make them say “that is SO us!” and then getting to see their faces light up on wedding day when they witness it all come together. We put so much heart into the work leading up to event day, and there is seriously nothing like bringing it to life! We get to know the ins and outs of what our clients are hoping for out of their weddings, then do our best to make it happen, and we never lose sight of what a privilege it is to get to create that magic for them. 

Can you share a fun/funny/unique/memorable event/instance (without listing any names of course!) that has happened at an event?

Talk about staying calm under pressure, buckle up for this one…

I had planned my first wedding in the Fredericksburg area in Spring 2023 for the sweetest couple ever, and I was so excited. Claire came along to assist the day, and we made a weekend of it. Everything was planned to a T, the vendor team was prepared and ready! As the day began, everything was going so smoothly. It was even forecasted to possibly rain throughout that week before, but it held off on wedding day, and we were stoked! Setup continued; things were looking great, and Claire and I kept up with fixing the small details and keeping things moving on our end.

Approaching one hour before ceremony start time as I’m placing dinner menus on the chargers, I get a call from the videographer who was at the Airbnb where the bride was getting dressed to head to the venue. “I don’t want to alarm you, but the bride’s dress zipper has broken and we are not sure what to do.” I immediately dropped what I was doing and left Claire to tend to the rest of the details (she is a champ!!), so I could head over and try to fix the zipper. With no idea what I was walking into or how bad it was, I grabbed our entire “wedding day emergency” kit and zoomed out the door. 

I walked in to find the sweet bride in tears over her dress mishap and did my best to be a relaxed, confident, and optimistic presence in such a stressful moment for her. But let me tell you, on the inside, I was freaking out knowing the most I had sewn by hand was a few holes in some socks and one tiny scrap fabric throw pillow as a child. I wouldn’t say that qualifies me to be even a novice seamstress, but I was determined to make this work! After evaluating the situation, it was clear the only real solution was to literally sew this bride into her dress. I had a sewing kit on hand from the emergency kit, but if you know anything about the boning and skin-tight fit of wedding dress bodices, any regular thread wouldn’t cut it. So, I whipped out the sewing needle and fishing line! 

A solid 45ish minutes, some stress sweat, and several bloody finger pricks later – the bride was securely in her dress. There is even photo evidence below, thanks to Ann Mark Photography. We continued on with her First Look moment with her dad like nothing ever happened, had a laugh about the crazy situation, and then headed to the venue to get the ceremony going! Quite a bit behind schedule, but hey – at least one of the two most important people of the day was still wearing her dream dress and a smile. Everyone will always wait on the bride! Such a whirlwind, and I honestly still can’t believe it happened. Proud to say that sewing job held through the entire night while she was tearing up the dance floor with her favorite people.

Wedding Day Emergencies: 0 Clover Team: 1

What trends are you seeing and loving right now in the industry?

The priority in wedding day experience is one of the coolest things I’ve been getting to plan for my clients lately. Couples are thinking a lot about how they want their guests (and themselves!) to feel at their wedding and are focused on planning for unique opportunities around that. Lately, I’ve seen more pre-ceremony cocktails, ice luges, customizable favor stations like live embroidery and cigar bars, and even unique moments planned in the night to acknowledge shared wedding anniversaries with grandparents or lifelong friends on their wedding day. 

With this also comes couples making sure to plan their day, so they can attend as much of it as possible. More First Looks and photos before the ceremony that lead to couples being able to enjoy their own cocktail hour and reception! Always a YES in our book! 

Photo by Ann Mark Photography

If you could give your couples just one important piece of advice while planning, what would that be?

Feel empowered to create the wedding day *you* want to have. Let that be the thing that anchors every decision you make as soon as you’re engaged. I am always heartbroken when talking to people I meet that say they wish they would’ve had a completely different wedding, and they feel they planned their day to make everyone else happy instead of themselves. While we know your family and friends’ experiences and opinions are important to you, ultimately remember that this is your one wedding day together, and you want to look back on the memories of it fondly! 

What do you like to do for fun when not working?

Erin: Travel! Seeing the world and experiencing new cultures is huge for me when I can make it happen. Reading, meditation, spending time with family, going out with friends, wine tasting… I love trying new restaurants and eating unique foods! Live music and cold beer, especially at the same time. Getting into college football season around wedding days, whether it’s going out to watch it with friends around town or grabbing tickets to see the games when I can! (Go Frogs!)

Claire: I enjoy going to concerts and sporting events (especially TCU games – go Frogs), having game nights with friends, and finding new food and drinks with friends around town.

Both of us are also low key obsessed with playing Animal Crossing on the Nintendo Switch right now. I’m not sure if we should admit that publicly, but here we are. 

Photo by Rachel Elaine Photography

What is the best way to get in touch with you?

Through our website: www.clovereventdesign.com 

Or via email: erin@clovereventdesign.com, claire@clovereventdesign.com 

Is there anything else you’d like to share with us or potential clients?

We look forward to every wedding we get to work with the IYN team. They’re the real MVPs! 

Thank you so much, Clover Event Design! You can visit Clover Event Design‘s contact form here to get in touch! Be sure to browse their website, too!

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