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IYN Spotlight – Tracy Autem & Lightly Photography

November 18, 2020 by itsyouradmin Weddings 0 comments

This week’s IYN spotlight is a group of talented women who capture amazing moments! Tracy Autem & Lightly Photography is a team of wedding photographers in Dallas/Fort Worth that focus’ on capturing real life storytelling at weddings. They value relationships (that’s why they are a team – everything is better with friends!) and serving others with excellence.

We’d love to hear how each of you got into this business!

The Lightly Photography Team

Tracy: We started in 2005 – back then it was just me and over the years I added team members and built the two studios – Tracy Autem Photography & Lightly Photography.

Amanda: I interned with the company during my senior year at TCU while getting my photography degree and fell in love with weddings!  Tracy hired me after I graduated in 2011 and I have been here ever since.

Annie: I started dabbling in photography in college, then interned with Tracy Autem Photography after I graduated.  I have been doing weddings ever since!

Jennifer: I always loved photography, and actually got to photograph events for my hometown newspaper out of college. I found that I really loved capturing people in their element, having fun and making memories at everything from local Easter egg hunts to a Guiness World Record event for the world’s tallest horse. But after getting married myself, friends started asking me to photograph their weddings, and I got hooked.

How many events do you do each year?

We typically photograph almost 100 events/weddings per year with a ton of family portraits and other fun stuff thrown in!

Describe your photography style in 5 words or less.

Emotional, timeless, elegant, real & storytelling

What are your favorite moments to photograph during the wedding day?

Tracy: My favorite is right after the bride and groom walk out of the ceremony.  Those first few moments as husband and wife away from all the eyes are magic! From big hugs, tears, to laughter about rings being too tight and sweet kisses as they exclaim “WE’RE MARRIED!” – it’s the best!

Jennifer: I love watching for parents’ reactions during moments like toasts, and dances, and cake cutting! It’s so nice to see how joyful they are to play witness to their kids’ first few moments as newlyweds, and how two families really do become one throughout the wedding day, like when a bride starts dancing with her new father-in-law, or when her mom gives the groom a big hug at the end of the night.

During these trying times of navigating wedding planning during this pandemic, what advice would you give to couples that are in the midst of planning?

Flexible is the name of the game in 2020. Stay focused on the end goal – being married – and let other plans change as needed to make sure you get to start your life together.

Can you share a funny or memorable event that has happened at an event?

Annie: We had an Elvis impersonator surprise the couple at their reception during dancing. The bride LOVES Elvis so it was really fun and everyone had fun singing along.

Amanda: Being a TCU alum, I ALWAYS have fun when Super Frog shows up!

Because we’re in the biz, what are your favorite songs to dance to?

Tracy: Anything by Lizzo

Amanda: Anything Nsync, Backstreet, Britney Spears and Spice Girls I will immediately start singing and dancing… Takes me back to my youth!

Annie: Same as Tracy – anything Lizzo or Party in the USA

Jennifer: I know Trolls should have ruined it by now, but “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” still makes me dance. Also, Sweet Caroline. Don’t you just miss “hands, touching hands!?”

How can couples get in contact with you?

Email is always great – info@lightlyphoto.com or call us at 817-810-9282

Thank you, Lightly Ladies!

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