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IYN Spotlight – Sistered States Event Styling

December 16, 2020 by itsyouradmin Weddings 0 comments

This weeks IYN Spotlight is Sarah Wintersteen with Sistered States Event Styling! Sistered States is a full service event coordination and design company serving couples who desire an elevated and personalized event planning experience. They capture the personal aesthetic and unique qualities of a couple and incorporate them into the wedding design while delivering a high quality planning experience form start to finish.

We’d love to hear how you got into the event planning business!

Sarah Wintersteen

I started my business, Sistered States, three years ago after falling in love with the event industry in college! I’ve worked in the wedding industry for years, working for an event venue, a wedding florist & an invitation company and decided to start Sistered States in 2017.

How many weddings do you plan each year?

I typically do 10-15 each year

Organization is KEY for planning – how do you stay so organized?

Through lots and lots of checklists! I have personalized checklists for each client, and for each facet of my business!

Can you share a funny or memorable event that has happened at an event?

This actually happened recently at one of my last weddings, the getaway car never arrived (a miscommunication with the company) so 5 minutes before the bride and groom had to leave, I called them an Uber X or whatever the nicest Uber you can get is! The driver showed up and I told him he was picking up a bride and groom from a wedding and he immediately turned on party lights in his car and broke out shots for the couple! The random Uber that I called ended up being better than the car we had planned!

During these trying times of navigating wedding planning during this pandemic, what advice would you give to couples that are in the midst of planning?

Not to get too caught up in the details of the wedding day. A lot of changes are happening within the industry right now and weddings do not look like what they used to, but just remember what is most important and it will still be the perfect day! Everything happens just as it’s supposed to!

Because we’re in the biz, what are your favorite songs to dance to?

Anything by Lizzo!

How can couples get in contact with you?

Email me or through my website!

Thank you, Sarah!

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