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IYN Spotlight – Sugar Creek Event Rentals

August 19, 2020 by itsyouradmin Weddings 0 comments

Taylor Bradford owns Sugar Creek Event Rentals, a specialty event rental company, as well as Sugar Creek Creative, an event design & styling company. She is a boss who does it all with amazing boho style!

Taylor Bradford, Owner

Taylor, tell us a little bit about both Sugar Creek Event Rentals & Sugar Creek Creative!

Sugar Creek Event Rentals is a TAYLOR’D™ collection of rentals for those one-of-a-kind events. From custom made ceremony backdrops to lounge furniture, place-settings & decor, our rentals are an eclectic mix of boho, vintage & modern pieces. We have a warehouse of unique rentals, but we also love to do custom builds as well. We started in October 2014 as a party rental company and morphed into weddings not long after.

Sugar Creek Creative is our event design company where we create magical events with thoughtful details and create a brand for your day so that everything is cohesive and aligned to your vision.

What is your favorite rental piece?

All of our pieces are my favorites! I work really hard in the acquisition phase of buying so that a piece added makes sense in the entire collection. Thus why I call it a TAYLOR’D™ collection.

How do you stay calm under pressure?

Communication is so incredibly important. And a plan to fix what might not go as planned so that there is a solution already being implemented.

Can you share a funny, memorable moment that has happened at a wedding?

Inebriated guests run the spectrum of “help” at the end of the night. And it can either be a blessing or a big pain in the butt. One very memorable moment was a gentleman guest who was a chatty Cathy in his state of inebriation and who so desperately wanted to help us load our farm tables, but couldn’t quite keep his feet underneath him. It was a lot of work just to keep him in one spot, so we could do our jobs of tearing down our farm tables. His stories were pretty funny and it was comical just to watch him try to move.

The wedding scene has changed drastically in the last few months. Have you found a way to pivot and adapt?

Yes! We are now offering micro-wedding packages. We built a petite studio right into our warehouse/showroom so that we could offer an alternative for Sugar Creek couples wanting something a little different, something a bit more simple for their wedding day. Click here to see our micro wedding package!

During these trying times of navigating wedding planning during this pandemic, what advice would you give to couples that are in the midst of planning?

Your wedding vendors are going through all of this uncertainty step-for-step with you. And we are doing our absolute best to be empathetic at the same time as trying to keep our businesses/livelihoods alive. Communication is key. The moment you start second-guessing your plans, please start reaching out to your wedding vendor team to talk about it. Find out what your options are in various scenarios so you at least know what your Plan B, C & D might look like.

How can couples get in contact with you?

By creating a wishlist through my website & submitting it for a proposal! Also, by scheduling a consultation/warehouse tour here.

Thanks, Taylor!

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