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IYN Spotlight – The Ostreum

April 21, 2020 by itsyouradmin Weddings 0 comments
Lynsie Blau, Co-Owner

We wanted to start featuring some of our friends in the industry who, even in these crazy times, are finding creative ways to keep going, book new clients, and stay on top of their game. In this week’s IYN Spotlight, we are featuring The Ostreum, a wedding venue in Fort Worth that has 3D virtual tours online so that you can see the beauty of this unique space from the comfort of your own home! They also want to note that in the midst of COVID-19, they are trying to relieve as much stress as possible for their brides and they are offering promotions for their April 2020 bookings.

The Ostreum is a renovated warehouse with a modern, speakeasy vibe that can accommodate a ceremony and reception for up to 300 guests without the need to flip the venue (425 guests if it’s just one or the other!). They pride themselves on paying close attention to the small details that others deem arbitrary. Everything from the front door, to the dressing rooms & even the restrooms make a statement.

We caught up with Lynsie Blau, co-owner of The Ostreum, to answer some of our burning questions about her and this incredible venue.

When and how did you get started in the wedding industry?

I started in the wedding industry as soon as I graduated from college and worked on and off in different aspect of the wedding world. I knew that I wanted to own and operate a venue back in 2006. But, it took me 10 years to find the right market and right fit. Fort Worth is perfect. The Ostreum hosted it’s first wedding at the end of June 2019 and I’m pleased with the progress and success of the venue. It has helped quite a bit to have the experience of opening BRIK back in 2016. I am very proud of both venues. 

On average, how many weddings do you take on per month/year?

Our monthly average of events varies, but I would give a range of 6-12, depending on the month. As we are still growing at Ostreum, our attainable goal for the year is 100 events per year. 

What is your favorite feature at The Ostreum?

The iconic Willy Wonka Hall – photo shot by Matt Allen

I am going to have to say the “Willy Wonka” Hall. This is a hidden passageway that connects the venue to the dressing room areas. When the contractor told me I had to pick out lighting for the hallway, I had this crazy idea of different colors of light bulbs all down the wall. I found some bathroom vanity fixtures and staggered them down the wall and then put in party light bulbs. I did not know that after a few moments, the bulbs across the space would change colors at an alternating patten. It is a fun and pleasant surprise and makes for very cool photos. 

What is your secret for staying calm during the planning process?

There in no room for panic as a wedding vendor. If a client is upset, you can’t freak out. Plain and simple. But, both myself and everyone on my staff, has a high propensity for problem-solving and crisis management. We work together to make it work and vent to each other if we have to blow off steam or stress. 

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

The most rewarding part of this job, for me, is giving tours and watching couples fall in love with the space. You can see them start to envision their wedding day in your venue. Plus, their surprise of all the speakeasy-like, hidden features we have around is fun to see. 

What are some of the hottest trends you’re seeing right now in the wedding industry?

We are still seeing a lot of neon signs. But my favorite are the dance floor installations over the dance floor.

The IYN team provided the rigging for this incredible floral display over the dance floor and followed it up with our wireless pin-spot lighting to showcase this show-stopping installation! Photo shot by Grant Daniels

During these trying times of navigating wedding planning during this pandemic, what advice would you give to couples that are in the midst of planning?

So many tips here!

1) Hire a planner. They will help you navigate these troubled waters with potential rescheduling of dates and vendors.

2) Get wedding insurance. If you purchase wedding insurance after the outbreak, it won’t help you. But, moving forward from here, it is going to give you peace of mind.

3). Newly engaged couples should find their vendors NOW. With all these rescheduled events, prime wedding dates are booking up fast. Don’t hesitate to set your vendors, even if it is only virtually at the time.

How can couples get in contact with you to learn more about The Ostreum and to book a tour?

Christy Cleveland, Director of Events

Christy Cleveland is the Director of Events and she can answer any questions you have and can setup tours. Email pearl@theostreum.com or call us at 817-725-7711. Also follow us on Instagram @the_ostreum

Thank you, Lynsie!

Header images were shot by Laken Mackenzie & Matt McElligott

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