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20 Questions with Carly

February 21, 2023 by Mattea Reich Weddings 0 comments

Meet Carly! Carly is our Client Services Specialist here at IYN, and we CANNOT say enough great things about her! She is the one you will connect with to be paired up with one of our talented DJ’s to plan YOUR dream reception! We wanted to highlight how fun Carly is and how much you will adore her, too, so let’s get to her answers in this game of 20 questions with Carly!

  1. What is your last played song on Spotify (no cheating!) “Maroon” – Taylor Swift 
  2. What’s the one snack we’d always find in your kitchen? Chester’s Hot Fries 
  3. What does a perfect weekend look like for you? A relaxed Friday night after work, but a Mavs game on Saturday or dinner with our friends. We love to host, so Football Sundays at our house were the best. 
  4. What Netflix show are you absolutely obsessed with right now? Not on Netflix, but my fiance and I end every night with an episode of Love Island UK. It’s our trash TV addiction. 
  5. Where was your most memorable vacation? That’s a hard one. I’ve been to some really fun places! My most memorable would probably be the trip I took to San Francisco when I graduated high school. I was born in the Bay Area, so it was awesome to be back and see everything. We actually even got to see the house I used to live in! 
  6. A book about your life would be called: A Series of Unfortunate Events. For real. I’m so blessed but whew! It was a ride to get here. 
  7. What’s your hidden talent? Oh, that’s hard! I don’t think I have one! 
  8. Describe your personality in a single word. Bubbly. 
  9. If you could hop on a plane right this second, where would you go? Colorado! Or a beach somewhere. 
  10. Name three people who you would invite to your dream dinner party (historic figures welcome). Luka Doncic, Patrick Mahomes, Spencer Dinwiddie. Very much a theme here of sports and who I’m a fan of at this moment! 
  11. What’s the best present you’ve ever received? My dog, Reese! She wasn’t really a “gift.” I rescued her in 2020, but she was a “gift” to myself. I rescued her 3 days after my 22nd birthday, so I call her my gift! 
  12. Name your go-to karaoke song: “Wannabe” – Spice Girls, cannot go wrong.
  13. Without a doubt, the best ice-cream flavour is: Mint Chocolate Chip! 
  14. If you could hop on a time machine, what period/place would you go to? The disco era I think! It sounds like so much fun and all the outfits and stuff were so cool. 
  15. Can you describe our company culture in just one word? Fun! 
  16. What are two things that you love about working at this company? Meeting everyone is a huge one. Our vendors, couples, parents, etc. That is my favorite for sure! Another would be that they took a chance on me! I came from a background that wasn’t in events, and they took me on and allowed me to learn and grow, and I love what I do! 
  17. If your team had a theme song, what would it be? I don’t know why, but I literally can only think of “Eye of the Tiger” right now LOL. We have a lot of fun as a team, but I think everyone is focused on the goal of serving our clients well during this season. 
  18. How do you de-stress during the hustle and bustle of the workday? I turn on “Coffeehouse Jazz” in the office if it’s super busy – it makes me feel like I’m being extra productive – I can’t explain that! 
  19. Can you share your top two hobbies / activities outside of work? My favorite things outside of work aren’t really “hobbies” but going to Mavs games and planning my wedding right now I think are some things I find the most fun when I’m not working! 
  20. What is your favorite wedding trend? Right now, all the color! I love seeing how a lot of people really worked a ton of color into their 2022-2023 weddings via florals, decor, etc. So pretty. 

We hope you got to know some more about our wonderful Client Services Specialist, Carly – You may even have some things in common with her! If you would like to get in touch with her for your wedding, reach out to her here.

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