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Celebrating Father’s Day with It’s Your Night Entertainment: Meet Our DJs and Their Stories

June 15, 2024 by Jeremiah Brinkley Blog 0 comments

Father’s Day is a time to celebrate the special bond between fathers and their children. At It’s Your Night Entertainment, we believe that every moment of your wedding should be memorable, and one of the most heartfelt moments is the father-daughter dance. This Father’s Day, we’re highlighting our incredible team of DJs, many of whom are fathers themselves, and who bring a personal touch to making your moments unforgettable. Let’s get to know the talented DJs behind the magic at It’s Your Night Entertainment, your go-to for Dallas wedding DJ and Fort Worth wedding DJ services.

William Ryan III

Wife: Christy

Children: Morgan + Bailey

William Ryan III, born and raised in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, brings a wealth of experience and a deep love for music to every event. Known for his time as a radio personality on 94.9 KLTY, William has a unique ability to connect with audiences and keep the energy high throughout the night. As a father, William understands the importance of creating lasting memories, especially during significant moments like the father-daughter dance. His passion for creating memorable experiences makes him a standout among the best wedding DJs in Dallas and Fort Worth​ (DFW Wedding Pros)​​ (DFW Wedding Pros)​.

Jeremiah Brinkley

Wife: Taylor

Children: Grayson, Brynlee + Everly (But we call her Kevin…don’t ask lol)

Jeremiah Brinkley is not just a DJ but a master of ceremonies who ensures that every detail of your wedding is perfect. Jeremiah’s expertise in event planning and his extensive knowledge of music make him an invaluable asset to any wedding. As a father, Jeremiah brings a heartfelt understanding to the father-daughter dance, appreciating the emotional significance it holds. His ability to read the crowd and keep the party going is why he’s one of the top choices for wedding DJ services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area​ (DFW Wedding Pros)​.

Richie DeMeglio

Wife: Ana

Children: Miles + Max

Richie DeMeglio is known for his vibrant personality and his knack for getting everyone on the dance floor. With a background that includes DJing at the University of Texas, Richie’s enthusiasm and passion for music shine through in every performance. As a father, Richie cherishes the moments he shares with his own children, and he strives to create similarly memorable experiences for his clients. Whether you’re looking for classic hits or the latest chart-toppers, Richie knows how to mix it up and keep the energy alive all night long​ (DFW Wedding Pros)​​ (DFW Wedding Pros)​.

Joey Vanderveer

Wife: Kyle

Children: Charlie, Maggie, Olivia, Graham + Max

Joey Vanderveer combines his love for music with his talent for live performance. Joey’s warm personality and musical skills make him a favorite among couples. His ability to blend live music with DJing creates a unique and personalized experience for every wedding. As a father, Joey understands the importance of making every moment count, and he brings this perspective to each event he hosts. Joey’s dedication to making your special day perfect is evident in every event​ (DFW Wedding Pros)​.

Ben Honeycutt

Wife: Ashley

Children : Trinity, Rhodes + Canaan

Ben Honeycutt brings a rich musical heritage to It’s Your Night Entertainment. After traveling the country in an RV with his family, Ben settled in Texas and joined our team, bringing his extensive musical talent with him. As a father, Ben values the importance of family and creating lasting memories. His deep understanding of music and his ability to connect with people make him a fantastic choice for any wedding​ (DFW Wedding Pros)​.

Michael Glenn

Wife: Blair

Children: Harper + Hudson

Michael Glenn, a recording artist turned DJ, brings his passion for music and performance to every event. Michael’s background in the music industry adds a unique touch to his DJing style, making him a favorite for live music wedding services in Dallas. As a father, Michael appreciates the emotional weight of the father-daughter dance and strives to make it as special as possible. His ability to create an engaging and fun atmosphere ensures that your wedding will be a night to remember​ (DFW Wedding Pros)​.

Creating Unforgettable Father-Daughter Dance Moments

Our DJs are dedicated to making your wedding day special, and they understand the importance of the father-daughter dance. This Father’s Day, let us help you choose the perfect song to celebrate this beautiful moment. Whether you’re looking for classic hits, modern ballads, or upbeat tunes, our team has the expertise to create a memorable experience with the best wedding DJ services in Dallas and Fort Worth.

Check out our favorite Father/Daughter Dance Songs here: https://www.itsyournight.com/guide-to-father-daughter-dance-songs/

Enhance Your Wedding with Comprehensive Services

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  • Live Music: Add a personal touch with live music wedding services in Dallas.
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  • Rustic DJ Setup: Perfect for themed weddings, our rustic wedding DJ setup adds a unique charm to your event.

Book Your DJ Today

For more information about our wedding entertainment services and to book one of our talented DJs, visit our website. Let’s make your wedding day as unforgettable as the bond you share with your father.

Happy Father’s Day from all of us at It’s Your Night Entertainment!

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